Bio of Artist: (Kingskern)-Kleptoemak- 

Bio of Artist Name - (Kingskern)Kleptoemak-

What kingskern has been able to over come and accomplish thus far has developed hopes and dreams for many others. Most would have given up but his love for music kept him going to reach the top. In December of 2005 after many trips to the emergency room kingskern found out that he has Testicular Cancer. His stay was for seven days and when he left the hospital his life flashed through his eyes he was even more determined to make his name known. Recovering from surgery and getting ready to welcome his son into the world kingskern buckled down and created tracks that were powerful. Late 2009 kingskern lost his home in the hands of outsiders who tried to stop this force he was creating. It left kingskern homeless and unable to keep his home studio. Scraping to keep himself a float he fought to get his life back. The joy the sorrow his determination and the love in his heart for music is what keeps him breathing. He has changed the face of life for many youngsters out there who rep unproductive ideas in this society. They look up to kingskern, they see all that he has been through and all that he triumphed and they themselves want to be better and change. After almost loosing his battle to the cancer he shouldn't be on this earth right now but god himself left him here to change the world with his lyrics and that's exactly what kingskern is going to do and he wont stop till he finishes the song.